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Links to Helpful Archives and Cultural Heritage Web Sites

New! Explore the World's Archives
Archives and Library Information Center National Archives links
Repositories of Primary Sources


An Appraisal Archivist's Perspective on the Implementation of Electronic Document Management Systems
Appraisal Methodology: Macro-Appraisal and Functional Analysis - Library and Archives Canada
The Concept of Intrinsic Value - from the Abbey newsletter
Records Appraisal Tool - Tool used by USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science(EROS)
Wisonsin Historical Records Repository - Bibliography for Appraisal of Archives


American Association for State and Local History
American Historical Association
ARMA International
Association for Gravestone Studies Association for Information and Image Management
Association of Moving Picture Archivists
Australian Society of Archivists - one of the leading archives associations in the world with links to valuable presentation papers
Council of State Archivists - organization representing State Historical Records Advisory Boards (SHRABs) in each state
The Daguerreian Society - for those interested in the history of photography
Ephemera Society of America
IFLA - International Federation of Library Associations and Museums
National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators
National Council on Public History
New England Archivists Association
Oral History Association
Progressive Librarians Guild
Society of American Archivists

Community Documentation

The Arizona Summit: Tough Times in a Tough Land - Linda Whitaker and Melanie Sturgeon. Journal of Western Archives (Vol. 1 Iss. 1 2010)
Community archives and identities: documenting and sustaining community heritage
Documentation Strategy - Terry Cook. (Archivaria 34 Summer 1992)
Documentation Strategies: A Decade (Or More) Later - Terry Abraham presentation at SAA 1995
Documenting Community Organizations - Rochester Regional Library Council
Envisioning Oregon: Planning Toward Cooperative Collection Development
Improving Our Disposition: Documentation Strategy - Helen Samuels. (Archivaria 33 Winter 1991-92)
Memory of the World - General Guidelines to Safeguard Documentary Heritage - UNESCO
The Physics History Finding Aid Web Site
UNCAP - Uncovering New Chicago Archives Project, model for discovering primary sources across collections and institutions


Center for the Study of the Public Domain - Why the Public Domain Matters
Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office - Copyright quick quide, fair use, checklists and more
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States - Terms from Cornell
When US Works Pass Into the Public Domain
World Intellectual Property Organization: Guide on Managing Intellectual Property for Museums

Cross Professional Collaboration

Building Cross Sector Collaboration - tools for developing effective coalitions
The Collaboration Imperative
Collections Trust - "free online services including a library of downloadable resources, and social networks to help connect you to other practitioners and share advice and information."
Cross-sectorial Challenges for Museums, Libraries, Archives IFLA
Emerging Convergence? Thoughts on Museums, Libraries, and Archives and Professional Training
The Future is Collaborative Part I - Give People What They Want
Hanging Together - blog for museum,library and archives collaboration from staff of OCLC research
IFLA Library, Archives and Museums: Trends in Collaboration and Cooperation
IFLL - How museums, libraries and archives contribute to lifelong learning
Information Organization in Libraries, Archives and Museums: Converging Practices and Collaboration Opportunities - ASIS&T 2009 conference
Libraries, Museums, Galleries and Archives for All: Co-operating Across the Sectors to Tackle Social Exclusion
L’Internationale - - Collaboration of 5 museums and archivesaiming to investigate plural cultural narratives
Museums, Archives, and Libraries: Estranged Siblings
Museums, libraries and archives: collaborating for the preservation of heritage materials in Nigeria
The Natural History of Unicorns: Museums, Libraries, and Technology Collaborations - presentation on Museum / library collaboration by head of Smithsonian Media Office
Nonprofit Collaboration Database - real-life examples of how non-profits are working together
On the LAM: Library, Archives and Museum Collections in the Creation and Maintenance of Knowledge Communities
Opening Up Spaces: Bringing new people into museums, libraries and archives by supporting self-organised learning
RLG Library, Archives and Museum Collaboration Program
SAA Research Forum: Collaboration for the Greater Good
Ten Examples of Successful Library Collaborative Projects

Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage Law
Cultural Heritage Search Engine
How the Arts and Cultural Sector Strengthen Cultural Values and Preserve Heritage and History
Making the Case for the Conservation and Preservation of Our Cultural Heritage - partnership Salzberg Global Seminar and IMLS
Tourism Linking Cultures - World Tourism Day 2011 theme
UNESCO - Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
The Wrong Path and the Right Path - The role of libraries in access to and preservation of cultural heritage - "Globalization, Digitization, Access, and Preservation of Cultural Heritage" keynote speech, Bulgaria

Digital Collaboration

New! AIMS Born Digital Collections: An Interinstitutional Model for Stewardship
American History Online - a project of the Andrew W. Mellon foundation and the University of Illinois, provides scholars with access to distributed historical digital library collections.
Archival Softwre Wiki - information about archival management and description tools.
Arizona Archives Online
Audiovisual Archive Networking - " independent, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and providing access to audiovisual content."
British Newspaper Archives
Civil Rights Digital Library
Connected Histories - Brings together a range of digital resources related to early modern and nineteenth century Britain
Darwin Correspondence Project
Digital Library on American Slavery - University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Digital Public Library of America - "large-scale digital public library that will make the cultural and scientific record of the United States available to all."
Europeana - explore the digital resources of Europe's museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collections
Holocaust Collection - The National Archives & US Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Hudson River: A Voyage through Time
Human Rights Documentation Initiative - University of Texas, Austin
ICA Atom - open source archival description software
Mukurtu - brings together cultural information of five tribes from the Pacific Northwest in the United States
IFLA - Nobody Knows You're a Dog (or Library, or Museum, or Archive) on the Internet: The Convergence of Three Cultures
Museums and Online Archives Collaboration Digital Asset Management Database
Northwest Digital Archives
Online Archives of California
Pasadena Digital History Collaboration
Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials (PALMM) - cooperative initiative of Florida Universities
UK Web Archives blog - a consortium established to collect, make accessible and preserve web resources of scholarly and cultural importance from the UK domain
University of Vermont Landscape Change Program - "See Vermont as it was 200 Years ago"
VirtualMuseum.ca - interactive space showcasing Canadian museums

Donors and Gifts

Can a Donor Retrieve Gifts of Money or Goods? - from the Internet Nonprofit Center
Gifts for the Collections: Guidelines for Libraries - IFLA Professional Report
A Guide to Donating Your Organizational Records to an Archives - Informative SAA brochure explains the value of records to potential donors
A Guide to Donating Your Personal or Family Papers to an Archives- Informative SAA brochure explains the value of personal papers to potential donors
Taxes: What's Your Donation Really Worth? - from Business Week online, useful to refer donors to professional appraisers
University of Richmond - Gift Acceptance Policy


California Ephemera Project - guides to the ephemera of the California Institutes
History of Cartophily - collecting cigarette and other trade cards

New! Establishing an Archives Program

Archives Association of BC - Archivists' Toolkit: Establishing an Archives
Developing an Inactive Record Storage Facility - New York State Archives Technical series
Insuring the Future of Our Past - A Brief Guide to Selecting or Starting an Archives Program
Starting from Scratch: How to Create a Museum Archives


Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives - Council on Library and Information Resources
Challenge Grants - NEH grants helping organizations secure long-term support for their humanities programs and resources.
Cultural Heritage Grants and Funding Opportunities
Foundation Center - links to web sites of private foundations and grant making charities
Funding for Historic Preservation - from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, provides funds for building renovation
Institute of Museum and Library Services - grants and awards for museums and libraries; grants for collaborative projects
Museums and Community Collaborations Abroad - sponsored by AAM
National Historical Publications and Records Commission - National Archives and Records Administration statutory body that funds archives projects
Save America's Treasures - Funding to preserve nationally significant historical materials and sites

Government Archives

Developing an Inactive Records Storage Facility - NY State Department of Education Local Government Record Technical leaflet series
Managing Your Inbox. Email as a Public Record
Preserving the Nation's Local Government Records COSA
Library of Congress - Preserving State Government Information initiative

Outreach and Education

Best of History Web site
Culture24: Teaching Remembrance Day
Educational Resources for K-12 teachers
New! The Family as a Community
New! Finding and Evaluating Archives
New! Historian's Eye - "project seeks to trace the fate of “our better history,” as the nation faces unprecedented challenges with a president at the helm who is fully inspirational to some, palpably unnerving to others..."
New! Historical Thinking Matters - focused on key topics in U.S. history, that is designed to teach students how to critically read primary sources and how to critique and construct historical narratives.
Incorporating Primary Sources in the Classroom - from the Harry S. Truman Library
Making Sense of Evidence U.S. Survey cource - making sense of primary documents for students and teachers
Museums and the Web - integration of primary resource material into the elementary school curricula
National Archives Docs Teach
Primary Sources and English Language Learners
Top Technology Tools for Teaching with Primary Sources

Crowdsourcing and Participatory Projects

BBC - History of the World
MShed - Bristol Museum provides a place for online visitors to share stories
Crowdsourcing: How and Why Should Libraries Do It?
Historic Newspapers Network
History Pin - creating a digital history of the world
National African American Roller Skating Archives Project
What's on the Menu - Help NY Public Library transcribe its menu collection
Sepia Town - upload your historical images
Tales of Things - link any object directly to a 'video memory' or an article of text describing its history or background
Visitors as Participants - Nina K. Simon on You Tube
New! World Memory Project - online resource for information about victims of Nazi persecution

Personal Papers

Center for Home Movies 2010 Digitization and Access Summit
Essential Records for Families - What you need to know in an emergency
Home Film Preservation Guide - from the Association of Moving Picture Archivists
Lifestream Blog - News reviews and tips for creating a Lifestream
My Life Bits - Software to capture your online documentation
Old Photographic - Preserving Your Photo Collection - The Online Vintage Photography Magazine
Oral History and Heirlooms - Forms to help you preserve precious pieces from your family's past
Paper Management - Organizing and Preserving Important Documents and Items Links to valuable information to help keep you organized
Privacy Issues for Online Personal Photograph Collections
Resources for Protecting and Saving Family Treasures and Historic Properties Heritage Preservation the National Institute for Conservation
Scrapbook Preservation

Policies and Planning

The Archivist's Toolkit - sample forms, policies, and links to more information provided by the Archives Association of British Columbia
Business Planning for Cultural Heritage Institutions - from Council on Library and Information Resources
Cubic Feet Equivalents - help for space planning
A Manual for Small Archives - provided by the Archives Association of British Columbia with information on all aspects of archival management
National Policy on the Digitisation of Heritage Resources - South Africa
Strategic Planning (in non-profit of for-profit organizations)
How To Collections Policy - from the fire museum network, discusses basics of collection development
Smithsonian New Web and Media Strategy
Social Media Policy and Guidelines - Australian National Library

Preservation and Conservation

The Abbey Newsletter - Preservation of Library and Archival Material including the Alkaline Paper Advocate
The American Institute of Conservation
The American Institute for Conservation Book and Paper Annual archives covering diverse and interesting topics in preservation and conservation
Archives Outside - Conservation Tip No 4: A Method of Rehousing Glass Plate Negatives
Bay Area Video Coalition - information on the preservation of videotape
Cold Storage of Photographs at the City of Vancouver Archives Connecting to Collections - cooperative between Heritage Preservation, AASLH, and IMLS with goal to help smaller museums, libraries, archives, and historical societies quickly locate reliable preservation resources.
Conservation Online links to disaster resources - includes information to all aspects of disaster planning and sample plans
Degradation and Conservation of Leather
Film Preservation Guide - National Film Preservation Foundation
Firelock archives safe vaults
Image Permanence Institute - Photographic Activity Test - International standard for evaluating photo storage products
A Low Cost, Low Humidity Vault for the Storage of Sound and Moving Image Documents
Magnetic Tape Storage and Handling
Museum Collection Care -Northern States Conservation web site providing collection care strategies and links
Museum Conservation Institute - Art Conservation Organizations
Museum Pests.net Identifying pests in your collection so you can treat the problem and prevent future occurrences
Northeast Document Conservation Center- New England's premier conservation center with helpful presevation / conservation pamphlets and links
Pest Management - planning and implementing integrative pest control
Preservation Directory.com - historic preservation, building restoration, historic resource management
Preserving and Protecting Photographs - from the American Museum of Photography
POWR - Preservation of Web Resources Handbook
Preserving Your Collection: A Planning and Resource Manual - provided by Maine State Archives
Regional Alliance for Preservation - information on preservation and conservation
Science for Heritage Studies for cultural heritage preservation and conservation
Vidpix- magnetic tape restoration and reformatting
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. - research information on the stability and durability of materials


Basic RAD - an introduction to the preparation of fond and series level description
Collections and Collection Description - comparison of the use of the word "collection" in libraries, archives, and museums
More Product Less Process: Pragmatically Revamping Traditional Processing Approaches to Deal with Late 20th Century Collections - Greene and Meisner
Practical Processing: Arrangement and Description - by Terry Abraham, written from a hands-on perspective to help you make practical decisions
Standards for Archival Description: A Handbook - prepared by the Society of American Archivists, discusses standards in an historical context
Yale University Archival Processing Manual - very detailed, but may be confusing to beginners

Records Management

An Integrated Approach to Records Management the records continuum model's purpose-oriented approach...
Ensuring Essential Evidence - Changing Archival and Records Management Practices in the Electronic Recordkeeping Era - Adrian Cunningham
Oregon State University Records Management General information - includes justification for records management, principles, schedules, and more
NARA Records Management - Federal Government Records Management
Scientific Association Records Programs - A Beginners Guide- American Association for the Advancement of Science info about how to set up a records program, documenting your organization, and more
What to Do When the Filing Cabinet is Full - Archives Advisory Service from Manitoba Archives
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: A Continuum of Responsibility - Sue McKemmish

New! Space Planning and Archival Storage

Tables of Cubic- Foot Equivalents for Containers, shevling and cabinetry commonly found in Archives Computer Storage Requirements for Various Digitized Documents
Linear Footage Calculator - from Yale
Measuring Scanned Documents, Born-Digital Documents, & Digital Storage
Sizes of Standards Storage Containers

Studies and Theory

New York State Archives Publications - See link to "Managing Records" for useful publications about archival practice
Preservation and Administration of Private Archives: A RAMP Study - Describes types of private archives in various collections around the world
Susan K. Soy Publications - information about archives and technology, preservation, and more
What is Past is Prologue: A History of Archival Ideas
General Studies on the Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation


Beyond Recruitment - recruiting and maintaining volunteers
Energize - information for volunteer management
Service Leader - links to volunteer management information